MEPCO Bill Online Check Duplicate | April 2024

MEPCO Bill Online Check may easily and for free access view your MEPCO bill online by visiting our website. All the information, including used units, bill payments, the latest date, and even a complete breakdown of the bills, will be available to you. It’s also straightforward to print and deposit your bill because you may download a copy of it.

MEPCO Bill Online Check

You only need to enter your reference number in the designated field to view your MEPCO bill online. You can use your Customer ID to get your reference number back if you can’t remember it. Details of your MEPCO electricity bill will be shown after entering. The highlighted area in the image below the search can help you locate your reference number and customer ID if you’re not sure where to look.

To view your bill, click this link.

After clicking this link enter the 10-digit customer ID or the 14-digit reference number.

a box for MEPCO Bill Online Check

Verify the Bill Additionally, the MEPCO Bill Calculator is available.

MEPCO Bill Via Internet

Go to the MEPCO old bill section to view the past electricity bills that you have paid. In addition, the MEPCO online bill app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and other relevant app stores if you need it.

Concerning MEPCO

Multan Electricity Power Company, or MEPCO, is in charge of supplying electricity to the neighbouring business, agricultural, and residential sectors. MEPCO is a publicly traded energy power business that was founded in 1998. If you live in a location that is close to Lahore, you can use the Lesco bill to check your bill.

MEPCO-Affected Areas

The areas that MEPCO Bill Online Checks

  1. Dera Ghazi Khan
  2. Lodhran
  3. Layyah
  4. Multan
  5. Bahawalpur
  6. Pakpattan
  7. Rahim Yar Khan
  8. Khanewal
  9. Sahiwal
  10. Vehari
  11. Shadan Lund
  12. Muzaffargarh
  13. Bahawalnagar
  14. Kot Addu
  15. Taunsa Sharif
  16. Fort Munro
  17. Rajanpur
  18. Tribal Areas of Koh E Sulaiman
  19. Basti Maluk

How to Your MEPCO Bill Online Check?

To check your MEPCO bill on our site, follow these steps:

Use the search fields up above. To view the specifics of your bill, enter your reference number in the reference box.

You can still check your bill without a reference number by presenting a consumer ID.
If necessary, select “Full bill” to access all details.
Please be aware that using your phone number or ID card to check your MEPCO bill online is not possible. Our website is committed to making your MEPCO bill simply available online.

Extension of MEPCO Bill Due Date
If you can’t pay your bill by the deadline in some circumstances, you can ask for an extension:

Three-Day Extender for Invoices Exceeding Ten Thousand Rupees

Three-Day Extension for Sums Over Twenty-five Thousand Rupees

In certain situations, the Chief Executive Officer’s consent may be needed for additional extensions.

Verify Your Bill Online

Enter your reference number in the appropriate field to view your MEPCO bill online. By presenting your Customer ID, you can get your reference number back if you’ve forgotten it. Your MEPCO electricity bill’s complete details will be shown once they have been input. The highlighted box in the image below should help you locate your customer ID and reference number if you’re not sure where to look.

MEPCO Bill Estimator Online

Our online calculator is available for your convenience if you would want to calculate your MEPCO bill.

About MEPCO MEPCO or Multan Electricity Power Company, is in charge of providing power to the region’s business, agricultural, and residential areas. MEPCO was founded in 1998 and provides services to several locations, such as Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, and Multan.

MEPCO-Affected Areas

Many regions are served by MEPCO, such as Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakpattan, Bahawalpur, Lodhran, Layyah, and Multan. By entering your reference number or customer ID, you can easily check your power bill (Bijli Bill) if you live in any of these places.

Information about MEPCO Bills Online

You may see the amount of your current month’s payable bill and the due date when you access your account online. You can also verify the units consumed and the date of the meter reading. The additional fees that apply to late payments will also be shown. You can also view the invoices you paid for the preceding twelve months.

Peak Hours for MEPCO Bill Online Check

MEPCO urges the public to use less electricity during peak hours to preserve the supply of energy in certain locations. Peak hours change from year to year and certain hours are advised for lower consumption.

How Can You View Your Online MEPCO Bill?

To view your online MEPCO bill:

  • Use the search fields available on our website.
  • In the corresponding box, enter your consumer ID or reference number.
  • If necessary, select “Full bill” to access all details.
  • Please be aware that you cannot use your phone number or ID card to check your MEPCO bill online; instead, you must have your reference number or consumer ID.

Extension of MEPCO Bill Online Check Due Date

In situations when you need an extension on the day that your bill is due:

  • The Assistant Manager Officer can be asked for a three-day extension if the cost exceeds ten thousand rupees.
  • Reach out to the Deputy Manager Officer to request a three-day extension on bills above twenty-five thousand rupees.
  • The billing manager may be contacted to request a five-day extension for bills that total more than two lakh rupees.
  • MEPCO Bill SMS Alert via Online
  • All you have to do is text your reference number to 8334 to get SMS alerts about your bill amount and due date.

Procedure for New Line Connection and Transfer
Regarding fresh ties or transfers:

Apply MEPCO online via our website or in person.

A feasibility study could take a few days to complete.

Pay the necessary amount to cover the installation fees for the meters, security, and charges.

After payment, the region will be subjected to the required analysis.

The installation and connecting of the meters will be finished.
Sign up and Monitor Grievances To file a grievance:

Come on over to our website and register for the MEPCO Bill Online Check.
To confirm, enter your registered phone number or reference number.
Send in your grievance along with the relevant details.
To find out the status of your complaint:

Press the button to track complaints.
To trace, enter your reference number.
Process for MEPCO Bill Instalment
Regarding bill installments:

Speak with the appropriate officer for a predetermined number of instalments based on the total amount of the bill.
If your bill total exceeds a specific amount, you can extend it for three to twelve instalments.

Check if the MEPCO bill has been paid.
You can check the status of your bill payment:

if you have an account, through our online portal.
by using your Customer ID to send an SMS message.
through calling the customer support hotline.
via the MEPCO smartphone application.
Methods for Online MEPCO Bill Payment
There are other online payment options accessible, such as:

utilizing the bank’s app for online banking.
Jazzcash and Easypaisa are mobile apps.
Daraz Wallet for paying bills.
In MEPCO Bills, taxes
The taxes on your bill could be as follows:

Adjustment of Fuel Price (FPA).
TR Surcharge stands for Tariff Rationalization Surcharge.
Cost of Financing (FC Surcharge).
Ways to Cut Down on Bills
How to lower your electricity costs:

When not in use, unplug your devices.
Use energy-efficient bulbs to replace your old ones.
Make use of energy-efficient appliances.
Make use of daylight during the day.

Steer clear of high energy consumption hours.


How does a bill adjustment work?

Any changes or decreases to a provider’s bill are referred to as bill adjustments.

What do linked loads and authorized loads mean?

An entire electrical supply given to a meter is referred to as a sanctioned load, also known as a connected load.

How can you use less electricity and pay less for it?

Using energy-efficient appliances, unplugging useless electronics, and avoiding busy times are some suggestions.


If you want MEPCO Bill Online Check then this site is right for you. To sum up, MEPCO’s online billing technology provides a practical way to monitor and control your electricity costs. It offers customers a smooth experience by making bill details, payment options, and complaint registration easily accessible. Use all of the tools at your disposal to simplify the way you manage your bills.